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by Louis on September 17, 2010

Eric Dishman is well known and very well respected in the worlds of Aging in Place and Health Technologies.  Eric is the face of Intel’s ethnographic research program on aging and technologies. He is an exciting, authentic speaker.

Please watch this ‘TEDMed’  presentation. Fantastic. In just 16 minutes Eric provides a wide ranging hit over the head about our future. He does not beat around the bush about the scale and severity of looming healthcare /demographic problems. He explains why we must change our outdated and broken health care system.

Eric includes a personal story that drives home the mess we face. If he, an educated, English speaking, employed with benefits and other resources professional working in the field cannot command and control excellent medical care for his own family, how can those with less have any chance at all? This presentation hits home!

He is also clear that technology solutions will not be successful in isolation. This echoes the executives announcing the GE/Intel venture last month. This presentation is a very good argument for the holistic approach – Aging in Place 2.0.

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