MetLife Aging in Place Report

by Louis on September 13, 2010

I am pleased and excited to announce Aging in Place 2.0, Rethinking Solutions to the Home Care Challenge,  a report from the MetLife Mature Marketing Institute. The report describes Aging in Place 2.0, the extension of current aging in place to the dynamic and collaborative housing and care system I have long advocated in this blog. See MMI’s press release on the report.

My thanks to John Migliaccio, MMI’s Director of Research and his colleague Darcy Defrancesco.  They patiently and professionally helped me shape my passionate ranting.

I encourage you to comment on the report on this blog. A dialogue (and criticism) on Aging in Place 2.0 will mean the report is a success.

Another measure of success is follow though on the ideas in the report. To kick that off, I hope you will join me in starting The Aging in Place Institute (AiPI).  The AiPI will facilitate the Aging in Place industry, bringing business and agencies together to define the roles and relationships needed to do a good job serving older adults in their homes.

Follow news of the institute on the blog or call/write with questions, suggestions and support.

Please forward this announcement.

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Ron Smith September 14, 2010 at 8:09 am


Please keep me up to date on the Aging in Place Institute. I’ve been an AIP advocate here in Arizona for several years. I’m hoping to move into a full time roles within the next year. My particular focus has been to lobby with the Arizona home builders. The housing slow down is actually giving me some time to try to move a builder into a new way of thinking as we eventually emerge from the current slowdown. I would be interested in connecting with any other AIP advocates in the Southwest. I’ve been following the Listserv for 4-5 years now. Thank you for all of your hard work for AIP!

Ron Smith


Eileen Alexander September 14, 2010 at 5:44 pm

Dear Louis,
I remember meeting you in DC at a “Village” gathering at the AAHSA offices. We spoke after the meeting and your vision for the future of aging in our society has resonated with me since our conversation. Your work is very exciting. I am so happy to receive this email and so have a way to continue to follow it via this website. I look forward to an opportunity to talk with you again.

Eileen Alexander

Executive Director
Brooke Grove Independent Living


steve gurney September 16, 2010 at 1:55 pm

Congrats on such a comprehensive and easy-to-read report. I agree that we are getting closer to a tipping point primarily due to so many people seeing how their parents may have struggled in their homes. For those experiencing this, your report will be invaluable to see that they dont need to follow in mom and dads footsteps and there is another path.

I do feel that that key elements to “successful” aging in place and Aging in Community are the attitude of the resident, and their connection to an network of friends and neighbors.

Attitude is key, because if someone is not motivated and they are being forced to make decisions they will do everything in their power to prove you wrong. We see this play out daily in moves to nursing homes and assisted living.

We need to make it easier for those who might not have a family or network to connect. I heard a sobering statistic recently that as many as 60% of nursing home residents are “elder orphans” with no visitors. Combine this with another stat that for every person in a nursing home there are 3 similar people living in their homes.

I feel that fraud against the elders is on the rise due to this disconnect. While formal programs might help with this, the first step is just walking down the street or hallway and getting to know those around you. It has surprise me how many of the things we talk about related to aging will benefit everyone.

Keep up the great work!!


Kim Kubsch, CAPS January 19, 2011 at 10:04 pm

As the guru of Aging in Place, it is very fitting for you to create an Aging in Place Institute! My focus is home safety and aging in place education via on-line webinars and on-site workshops. I work independently with DME suppliers, insurance plans, hospitals, senior communities, community colleges, etc. In addition, I serve on the Steering Committee for the Arizona Governor’s Council on Aging -Fall Prevention Coalition, among other volunteer activites in the Phoenix area.
So you can easily see why the AiPI is the best news this year! l would love to participate in AiPI.

Safe regards,


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