DON’T miss Universal Design Summit 5

by Louis on December 10, 2012

From garage bands to prom themes getting the name right is impossible. From the Chevy Nova’s poor showing in Mexico (No VA means doesn’t go) to the bizarre switch from Datsun to Nissan name choosing has occupied too much time, energy and conversation.

In my 20+ years in home modifications, Aging in Place and Universal Design all have been discussed countless times.* That doesn’t mean the concept of Universal Design is not rich and important. Because it is important you should attend UDS5, the Universal Design Summit. Support the conference. Be an exhibitor.

This could be called the Universal Passion Conference because everyone cares that much. Immersing yourself in that type of energy, engaging with that many good and dedicated folks who share a vision of what the world can be is a meditation. Come add your spirit and wisdom.

Universal Design is a critical tool to adapt our built environment to the miracles of population change science. Yeah, we all know it is just good design, but is that easier to communicate? How can it be so hard to get people on board?  The upside is just plain sense, the downside non-existent. There can be no anti Universal Design. That doesn’t make it easy. Come share the passion and the challenge. We need YOU.

I will be there seeing some of my most loved colleagues. If you think I am joshing just show up and check it out. Once there you are a colleague too. Hugs will abound.

Better Living Design

*I freely admit they are all bad but know no better alternatives. At least aging in place finally has some recognition….but…. “Hey, shouldn’t it be aging in community?” Of course it should, it always has been…except for the name,  but I prefer to try to get something done than discuss names.


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