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Cottages Followup- is Universal Design becoming prime time?

by Louis on September 12, 2011

Hopefully the cottages project (see the September 8 entry) on which I am working is not so innovative. Hopefully it is just near the tipping point of mainstream.

Here are two articles from Builder Online,  a general building world  magazine, speaking of Universal Design as the cutting edge and common new ground of the builder world. YES!  See this is political change.  How long does it take? What are the forces at work?

Increasing aging and longevity , rising health care costs, fewer care workers and payers into the systems. More self respect and demand for dignity. The village movement. Gray Panthers. Visitability.

Is the green movement an analog? We had recycling centers, then curbside recycling, now the green and sustainability movement is front and center.

I hope this journalistic evidence signals faster movement than that.

The Retirement Ready House

13 Universal Design Products Builders Should Be Using Now

More Universal Design articles are available at Builder Online. We may be seeing the revolution in (virtual) print!



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