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Aging in Place is Summer Camp

by Louis on July 9, 2013

Some of us don’t see that regulation is the playing field. The combination of rules, subsidies and incentives is the reality in which business works and competes.  Nothing in our time is bigger than the changing healthcare landscape. Business as usual is over. You can’t ignore it…you have to shift when changes occurs. Those who don’t adapt will disappear. Simple.

The scale of this disruption is opportunity. This Washington Post article, Is this the End of Health Insurers? describes radical trials. It makes the point that changing rules don’t spell out reactions. That is where innovation takes over. Iterations are only limited by courage and imagination. The bold ones try stuff to see what works.

Our opportunity? Health systems and insurers need to discharge folks into the community. They need whole systems they can trust. Not unlike dropping your kid at camp… you must trust they will be okay. Beds, meals, activities, ongoing and on the spot medical care, physical and cognitive development, increasing self esteem. Maintenance and growth. Changing every day. That describes summer camp as well as Aging in Place. Volleyball anyone?

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