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Your Aging in Place Vision

by Louis on September 19, 2010

I had a nice chat with Laurie Orlov, Aging in Place Technology Guru. Laurie writes prolifically at Aging in Place Technology Watch. Our conversation covered personal stuff about our families and parents, our businesses and our passion for the changes we see in the near future.

As I dropped her at Union Station I asked what I should write in my blog. She asked a telling question. Laurie is not just covering the topic. She cares. Laurie wants to know what it is about people’s lives today that they care about seeing in their future.

This good question gets to the important personal reason Aging in Place is such a good idea. It requires a custom model of care that is about YOU. Laurie is talking about more than the physical surroundings of your home, though that is where my mind runs first. Aging in Place is based in the sanctity of dignity, respect and control- independence, your home is your castle. These important human and American values are almost impossible to maintain in the dehumanizing, medical model of  ‘senior housing’.

Two stories:

A. A few years ago I built an addition for a woman who was living in a nursing home. The rooms of her existing home were so small that we had to practically erase the place to make an accessible home. She did not see it at all during construction. I was nervous the change would be so total she would no longer be in love with her home. The project might be a failure. Luckily, I was wrong. She loved it, though objectively it was almost unrecognizable. What was it that made that place ‘home’?

B. I met a woman last week, who, when she found out what I do, quickly told me her experience. She hired an architect to help her make Aging in Place preparations. He came to interview her, measure and get a feel for the project. His advice upon return was to tear it down and start fresh. She chased him out of the house. What was it that made that place ‘home’?

So now I am asking YOU. Though I will love it if you comment on this page I hope the large number of you who will not comment here will at least consider the question. Seriously. And then do something about preserving your opportunity to keep what is important to you as you enjoy the dignity, and control of the home of your choice into the future. I’ve done it to my home. When are you gonna start yours?

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Laurie Orlov September 19, 2010 at 3:58 pm

Hi Louis — I wrote a blog post about neighborhood care hubs and the management system described in AiP 2.0, the inspiration.

– Laurie


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