Working in aging is like reading ahead

by Louis on May 15, 2014

I often say my work in the field of aging is a lot like reading ahead in the book. I glimpse many what might happens through the lives and stories of my older clients. Is this why I am more comfortable with the evidence of my aging  – stiff and sore joints and muscles, wrinkled and sagging skin, diminished hearing and eyesight -  than some of my friends? Now comes Susan Kohler, CEO of  Missoula Aging Services, writing in the Missoulian on the same theme. Some of her comments stem from my keynote to the Montana Gerontology Society Annual Meeting last month.

“If you like the notion of aging in place, as I do, it’s very important that we learn how we need to modify our homes now, and begin doing it.”

That is such a clear point we should be seeing it all over all the time. Read the whole article here and, please, comment below!

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