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What’s Next? The Boomer Business Summit

by Louis on March 15, 2012

This year’s What’s Next Boomer Business Summit is one of Mary Furlong’s many pace setting connect the dots business events. The lineup is always fresh. I have never walked away without significant nuggets and kernels and whole cloth. If you have not experienced this type of on point topical event I encourage you to take advantage. March 28 in Washington, D. C.

As usual it is part of the special lineup of events that surrounds the American Society on Aging annual conference. This year’s Aging in America themed conference will be a whirlwind week of non-stop learning, networking and FUN!

I have three presentations on the roster. One with Patrick Roden of Agingin and Laurie Orlov of Aging in Place Technology Watch at 8 am Thursday is called TNT -The Explosive Trends, Needs and Technology of Aging in Place.

At 1 pm Thursday is Challenges and Rewards of Taking Residential Design and Home Technologies for Aging in Place to Scale. Fellow panelists include Jon Sanford of Georgia Tech, Majd Alwan of Leading Age- CAST and Andrew Alden of Eppstein Uhen Architects.

Friday I am part of the faculty for the special National Forum on the Future of Aging organized by noted futurist Richard Adler. My 10:30 am panel, entitled Housing and Community in an Aging Society also includes Jeff Rosenfeld of Hostra University and Christine Kennedy of the Institute for Age-Friendly Housing.

I hope to see you THERE!

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