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Very Clear Message

by Louis on May 14, 2012

Joel Shapira, of Beyond Age passed on this link to a really good You Tube panel over the weekend. The panel members are  Jody Holtzman of AARP, Ken Dychtwald of Age Wave and Doug Busch of Care Innovations. They are speaking at the Milken Institute  Global 2012 conference. Watch it!

I doubt your impression will be much different than mine. There are huge possibilities. Few know the answers. And, though rocket science is not necessary, those who can shift from ‘business as usual’ have the best chance of winning.

Jody Holtzman’s anecdote about the European supermarket chain figuring out that the more easily accessed website was best for all is a key nugget! Follow that lead!!

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Aaron D. Murphy, Architect / CAPS June 5, 2012 at 9:52 pm

Watched the YouTube URL link. Excellent information in the video, and you are correct – unparalleled opportunity abounds us currently and on the foreseeable horizon!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
Aaron D. Murphy, Architect / CAPS


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