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Universal Design in Clothing

by Louis on February 4, 2010

I am very impressed with SOFT Clothing for All Children. It exemplifies the process and result of Universal Design. A need is recognized in a smaller part of the population and the solution is a benefit to all. No extra cost, just great ideas that advance the way things can be.

My hat is off to Jessica Ralli, a teacher, who recognized the need from her work with children. “More than 1 in 150 children have sensory needs that are largely unmet by the children’s apparel market today“. And “Soft provides comfort and style for all children.”

SOFT is one of those special confluences that are meant to be. A gifted and visionary teacher with a background and love for fashion hooks up with a mom, advocate and entrepenuer who shares her passion for the issues and…. viola- an important fix emerges.

I have no doubt similar issues impact adults – especially some with dementia and who have difficulty moving. Will Jessica and Suzy launch an Aging in Place line to relieve those who have trouble articulating their discomfort OR who cannot move around enough to dislodge discomfort from seams? When I first learned about SOFT from new friend and Jessica’s proud mom, Barbara Elsas, I automatically started to fidget against the discomfort of the jeans I was wearing. I need SOFT, too! I am now dreaming of corollary benefit Universal Design soft clothing for ME!

Do I hear a subsidiary calling?

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