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Two Stars Come Out

by Louis on August 25, 2014

I am probably not so odd when I wonder why I am not a star. Then I read a really good book and know I cannot dream of writing that well. Or I listen to Sinatra or watch Meryl Streep and recognize that cream rises to the top. I may want to think it is luck, but there is talent and, luckily, it is often recognized. So I am not surprised when two stars in their field, Esther Dyson and Amy Tan venture into our field and shine.

Esther Dyson, the journalist, tech analyst and star angel investor has taken up wellness. Read about HICCup. Five communities, five years, five measures. Significant community problem solving with the energy of a tech startup. This is what happens when a star applies herself to a large scale social problem. Can this idea be tweaked….or should I say….can we come up with an iteration for aging wellness? You bet. Count me in!

Amy Tan, the successful author writes about Joy, Luck and Happiness in a Wall Street Journal story on the house she and her husband built in Sausalito. The article makes all the points we Universal Design/Aging in Place advocates have tried to make all these years. She does it beautifully without using any of those buzz words. She conveys the concepts, that uncompromised aesthetics can result in a home that will remain useful, sustainable. Here she uses the just right buzzword we advocates have not successfully extended to our movement. And she does it just right. Another star, another success. This great talent shines very bright light on our story.

The twinkling from these two stars are gifts.


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Marc Gunther August 26, 2014 at 3:08 pm

Very nice post, Louis. That Amy Tan essay is a gem.


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