This Makes Good Sense

by Louis on August 30, 2011

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Here is a Washington Post article on assisted living that makes good sense. All kinds of senior housing are good ideas and all the types we know of, and some we don’t, will be needed in the future. But all should be responsive to the clientele not just because it may increase the bottom line. I’ve thought and said things like this before. I go into some of these ‘senior living facilities’ and the decor JUST doesn’t work for me. Who will feel good sitting in the lobby listening to the stones on their walkman- (oops – dating myself) I-pod with that crystal chandelier and flowery rug all around?

Dignity is conferred on clients when developers, managers and operators respect them by researching their preferences, heeding the results and meeting their needs. That makes good sense and good business. Respect for your client always does.

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