The Aging in Place Institute

Leading Aging in Place 2.0 from Vision to Reality


AiPI’s vision is people aging in place in the home of their choice with dignity.

The Aging in Place Institute drives the development of Aging in Place 2.0 – a dynamic and comprehensive system of home and community based services using design, equipment, technology and services to manage human, economic and medical resources efficiently.


We pursue our vision by exploring and developing models for community wide systems involving non-profit providers, business, consumers, government and technology.


As the paradigm shifts to delivering healthcare & aging services to people in homes reliable system, called Aging in Place 2.0, is required for providers to fully realize opportunities serving people who age in place.


Consumers want to know what services they are likely to need, if they are available, how to access them, and of course, at what cost.


Agencies and businesses that serve the aging population have questions about how to find clients, how to interface with other providers such as home health, meals, adult day care, case managers, home modification contractors, transportation, etc., the size of their interrelated market niches, and how to best serve their clients. They need practical business development solutions.


 The Aging in Place Institute will answer those questions on behalf of all aging in place stakeholders. AiPI will define and drive development of the system needed for Aging in Place 2.0. Everyone interested in this market should not re-invent the wheel. We can do a better and more economical job collaboratively.

AiPI activity results in:

  • More successful, better-planned businesses & agencies serving people who age in place;

  • Happier consumers enjoying the aging lifestyle they prefer;

  • Reduced and more strategic spending for medical and personal care such as reducing hospitalizations and re-admissions;

  • More effective use of all resources, including family and informal caregivers, reducing strains on limited public dollars needed for those with inadequate resources.

How will Aging in Place 2.0 look to a client? One analogy is to a general contractor. The client doesn’t know all the subs, suppliers and scheduling. For them the process flows seamlessly (supposedly). You get one bill!

How will Aging in Place 2.0 work? One thing will be a new manager role, empowered to dispatch services, regardless of silos or eligibility, solely charged with resolving needs.

      The Aging in Place Institute is excited to partner with Leading Age. We held a kickoff  Action Salon dinner attended by forty one people from a wide range of  disciplines, sectors and points of view in Washington, DC on March 30, 2012. More will happen in 2012!

           We still need lots of help including:

  • Financial support

  • Comments, suggestions, support of all kinds

Contact :

Louis Tenenbaum • author of AiP2.0, founder of the Aging in Place Institute • www.louistenenbaum.comlouis@louistenenbaum.com301-343-3229

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