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Solar Shines on Aging in Place

by Louis on September 10, 2013

The popular ideas called sustainability are consistent with aging in place. A home that remains useful and supportive for a long time is the very definition of sustainable. (resources not used up as they are used) Mores specifically a ‘green’ fuel efficient house also shelters residents, more significant to those with fixed incomes, from increasing fuel costs. SO, I am excited to see that some entrants in this year’s Solar Decathalon have focused their projects on active older clients.

And now comes exciting evidence, collected in this blog from the Mother Nature Network, that four entrants in this year’s solar decathalon focused their contest entries on aging in place. This is VICTORY! for my dear friend and mentor Elaine Ostroff and many who have worked with and in her shadow since she co-founded Adaptive Environments in 1978 (now the Institute for Human Centered Design). She has worked tirelessly to educate young designers to recognize the needs and solutions for an aging and diverse population.


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