Universal Design Expert for Development and Building

Universal Design is not a set of rules or specifications. Universal Design is a way of thinking. The result enhances homes and communities.

Louis brings years of this progressive thinking to communities and design teams. Buildings and spaces based in Universal Design principles have more value for everyone. Step out to the cutting edge with Louis Tenenbaum on your team!

“Louis Tenenbaum has been involved since the beginning of design. His insights have elevated our efforts to fully integrate the best universal design concepts within the home design as well as that of the entire new community. In fact, Louis’ involvement has added value and save us time and money in the design and construction process. As a result of his work on this development team and successful integration of the universal design fundamentals at the beginning of the process, we are now working to include universal design in all of our development efforts.”

– Stacy Spann, Director, Dept Housing & Community Development, Howard County Maryland

“I work with Louis as part of multi-disciplinary teams designing residential communities. Louis’s contributions to a planning and design project advance its accessibility in ways that are much more than the technical expertise that he offers. He, of course, fulfills professional expectations by offering solutions that make spaces more physically accessible, which is important. However, Louis also makes “accessible” a reconsideration of accessibility that opens everyone’s thinking about how it is both a lifestyle and lifelong issue. Through passion and gentle persistence, he reframes the issue, spurring a project team to imagine a richer set of relationships and, therefore, an expanded–and more robust–repertoire of solutions. For example, his thoughts on floor and patio materials have not only avoided difficulties for future residents but also fueled honing efforts that have improved the design’s aesthetics, functionality, and economics. And after hearing his thoughts on grab bars, we are almost incapable of seeing them as merely bars or as singular purpose appurtenances ever again.

It is not surprising that Louis can have this effect on his teammates. Always open to others’ ideas, in reciprocating fashion, Louis infuses them with aging in place concepts in ways that those same ideas emerge as more multi-functional, more holistic, and with potentials for improved quality of life for everyone–regardless of physical abilities. This trait of thorough engagement, coupled with his warmth and unwavering sincerity, makes Louis a living example of how, through broader thinking about mundane and seemingly small issues, we can improve the quality of day-to-day living for ourselves and for our clients.”

– Kathy Poole, Poole Design, Landscape Architecture

“Louis Tenenbaum has a great gift for using Universal Design to make buildings more comfortable, attractive, and elegant for all users. His approach is vastly superior to the ‘just stick a ramp on it’ attitude that is so common these days. Louis is a thoughtful, creative, and highly skilled professional.”

– Brad Rogers, Principal, Baltimore Green Construction

“Louis Tenenbaum has played a pivotal role on our design team, bringing a greater awareness of universal design principles to our collective attention. He is very adept at explaining UD principles within a broader context of full inclusivity and how good design benefits everyone.”

– Tom Liebel, AIA, LEED AP, Principal, Marks-Thomas Architects