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Sure the courses give you a general background and flame your passion but when it comes down to the design, details, client preference and contractor relations you need solutions that work. Don’t start from scratch. Experience Counts.  Louis Tenenbaum has the experience. He wants to share it with you!

Don’t go it alone! Move your mods business years ahead! Call Louis for:

  • Proven Marketing Strategies
  • Meeting advice
  • Client approach
  • Design solutions
  • Construction details
  • Product suggestions

You want to learn, why go to the school of hard knocks and pay the tuition of expensive mistakes? Louis has taught more mods classes than any other contractor. Call Louis to get the experience you need on your team today!

Call Louis (301) 983-0131

Louis was a member of the original CAPS strategy sessions at the National Endowment for the Arts. Louis has been a course developer expert for the original and revised CAPS course and a member of the CAPS board of governors at the program’s inception.