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Senior Housing Operators Move into Community Services 2

by Louis on February 7, 2013

Who is the Client? More specifically, does knowing your senior housing facility client help you move into community services? Most senior operators know they will never get a serious look from much more than 5%, the accepted industry statistic for market penetration. The remaining 95% is mighty tempting. Their age related health issues and needs are not much different. What is different? What is the same? How much is what part of your experience worth?

The assisted living and SNF residents are not there by choice. They have needs. This population is similar to the home health and hospice population. That is where the expansion and acquisition action is.

What is analogous to the the CCRC population..those who make pro-active decisions? Is it the Villages?

What is the CCRC resident mindset? They are planners, or at least they want to be worry free. They are okay about moving. They pay good money for someone else to be prepared on their behalf for whatever happens to them. They trust the operator with their wealth and their care into an unknown future.ccrc-gr

Are Villagers the same? They may be planners. Villages have trouble old_protesterssustaining enough members who pay membership when they don’t have specific needs so they may not be so willing to plan ahead. They believe in grass roots social problem solving, volunteerism and taking the bull buy the horns. They like their autonomy..they may have their fists in the air shouting, “Hell NO, We won’t GO!”

Clearly, CCRC residents and Villagers are not the same folks. Expecting them to buy in the same way is a mistake. Expecting village clients to act similar to CCRC residents is a big mistake.


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