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Senior Housing Operators – Community Services Competitors

by Louis on February 13, 2013

As senior housing operators expand into community services they compete against a plethora of unorganized service providers in each sector. Each competitor has their own capability range and business approach. There are no standards. Each client uses a different combination of products, services, providers. Since client needs are always changing the mix of providers is constantly changing as well. This makes the ground on which you compete, the distinguishing features you highlight, different for every client. Since client factors- health diagnoses, condition, home, location and resources are different your capabilities match each client’s needs differently as well. This is a volatile environment in which do do business.

A thorough review of your strengths and  limitations is required to make sure you can be a strong competitor without cannibalizing your current operations. If you have trouble finding daily aids don’t offer aids in the community. If you have excess kitchen capacity maybe home delivered meals is a good idea.

Today’s home and commnuity based services are not organized. The services working in any one home are cobbled together, reactive and chaotic. This might be called Aging in Place 1.0. By contrast Aging in Place 2.0 is a system of services that are integrated, intentional, proactive, planned and managed. Just how that will work is wide open for innovation. Being at the foundation of that system is an opportunity.

To see your potential role, compare your operations and capabilities to your probable competitors. What problems do they have? How will you handle those issues better? Do you  have better cash flow, storage capabilities and supplier relations? How are these advantages?

Can you think outside the box? Trying to beat your potential competitor may not be the wisest strategy. What of your experience and capabilities can you wholesale to a possible competitor? Can a win-win be created by making your possible competitor into your client instead? You may bring more value to the larger community in which you live and operate with a B2B (business to business) rather than a B2C (business to consumer) approach.

The future of home and community based  services has not been written. It is ripe for leadership. Senior Housing Operators with vision can pick up the ball and dribble downcourt to an unguarded net. Go for IT!


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