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POSITIVE Aging Conference!!

by Louis on February 13, 2014

I had a truly great and inspirational time at the Seventh Annual International Conference on Positive Aging. This is the first time the conference was hosted by the Sarasota based Institute for the Ages. My hat is off to Tom Esselman,  President of the Institute, his mini but excellent staff and the many local volunteers who put their shoulders to the grindstone to pull off a great experience.

This was an excited and energetic crowd. Some were familiar faces from other aging events and meetings. Some were new friends who view their lives in aging through different lenses…Positive, rather then social work, health, government or business careers – my more typical circles. Many were Sarasota locals, Positive Aging practicioners. The mix was just right…each enhancing the whole.

A flavor of the conference will come the great keynote speakers’ sites and a few first reports from the conference. Below is a link to one program still holding my attention and twisting my view as I come back to earth from this special experience.

Two articles, one from Sally Abrahms/AARP and one from the local Sarasota Herald -Tribune.

Keynote links:

Marc Freedman

Kay Van Norman

Victor Stretcher

Craig Vogel

Dick Goldberg

Ina Jaffe

I highlight one presentation by Dori Gillam and Joanne Donahue of Senior Services from the Seattle area. They described the Aging Your Way program (and available toolkit for replicators!!). I was inspired by the way they described Leading from Behind, getting out of the way of the folks you are organizing even as you convene and tickle them to act in community and take action.

If I had to summarize my take away from the positive energy of this positive group experience it is this single quote from another conferee:

“Lead, follow or get out of the way. With older adults get out of the way is best.”



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