Grass Roots Aging in Place- Diversity

July 8, 2010

As concepts and ideas make their way through time they change reflecting new interpretations and input. Sometimes the originators are upset that their ideas are misunderstood. Sometimes the followers are proud to promote their innovation. The village movement is one of these evolving concepts.

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Aging in Place: Motivation to Prepare #1

June 21, 2010

One thing I do know. Aging in Place is really difficult if you don’t prepare, at least your house. How do we get people to prepare? That, friends, is the big mystery. This weekend I spoke to a group at an event sponsored by Burning Tree Village, one of the local villages modeled after Beacon… Continue Reading Aging in Place: Motivation to Prepare #1

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NORCs / Villages – What's the DIF?: Intentionality

November 11, 2009

NORCs and Villages are both hot topics. What is the difference? How do they relate? NORC, Naturally Occurring Retirement Community, just happens. People move to an area, grow older and the result is a NORC. A Washington, D.C. example is upper Connecticut Avenue. The apartment rich area and surrounding neighborhoods became popular as the area… Continue Reading NORCs / Villages – What's the DIF?: Intentionality

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