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Moneyball for Aging in Place

by Louis on October 28, 2013

A Washington Post article called “Enough with the ‘Moneyball’ references”  has it wrong. Writer Lydia DePillis complains that using this sports reference to describe so many aspects of life and business that may be improved by data analysis is too much of a cliche. When it comes to Aging in Place my call is ‘Let the Cliche reign’.

I have written some of things like ‘data driven process to manage the flow of goods and services in the home’  and ‘demonstrate robust information management to improve service delivery’.  This is not rocket science. Using technology to monitor changing health only has value when the information is actionable. The real time data from individuals must be combined with heath data from a larger population andmade useful for the business and agencies serving the population.

In a world where we can order almost anything and get it delivered almost anywhere in little more than 24 hours it hardly makes sense that health of the costliest elements of our economy is operating so last century.

So, LET the CLICHE Continue, until we have Moneyball for Aging in Place we need every prod and nudge we can get to move into the digital age.

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