Meeting of the Ways

by Louis on April 10, 2015

The annual Environments for Aging conference, in Baltimore this year April 18-21, is the only place where folks from the senior housing facilities world get together with folks from the Aging in Place/Long Term Care @Home world. This conference is a shining example of reaching across the aisle to learn, share and grow from those with different experience and strategies.

The business strategies for senior housing and AiP/LTC@Home are very different. Thank goodness design folks see the middle ground.  When it comes to senior home choices and the site of long term care the same things are not desired, needed or workable for everyone.  This conference trumpets the range, identifies common ground and give opportunities to learn, share and grow. Our communities, the theme that binds all types of housing together, will be the better for it.

What makes this really special for me? Seeing colleagues and friends from BOTH caucuses.  There is a fine list of sessions and impressive presenters.

The value of this cross and collaborative thinking is immeasurable. It takes open minds and appreciation so uncommon in our current state of affairs. The folks in Washington, just a few miles south of Baltimore, should probably come see how it is done.

See you there? I hope so!

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