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Labor Day & Aging in Place

by Louis on September 3, 2013

My Labor Day thoughts turned to caregivers. We know how important they are to caring for our loved ones in our homes, in their homes or in housing facilities. We know they are often so appreciated as they ‘join’ our families for critical, emotionally charged portions of our lives. Yet despite shortages, care workers are not paid well.

Quotes like, “The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that between 2010 and 2020 the demand for personal care aides will increase 71 percent and will produce more than 600,000 new jobs nationally (ranking fourth on the list of occupations projected to add the most new jobs to the economy during that period of time)….” and headlines like “Massive Caregiver Shortage Expected in Coming Decades” on a report from the Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA) are common.

These are not glamorous jobs. Employment conditions are not great: Crazy, changing schedules; Short hours with wierd breaks between gigs; Or really long hours;  Dangers lifting  clients.  We don’t respect these important positions as we should.

There are disconnects on the importance, value, supply and wages for the folks who care for our loved ones.No one would mistake me for an economist. But I thought shortages are supposed to result in higher costs, meaning higher pay in this case.

Labor Day honors American workers for their contributions to our society and economy. Careworkers contribute to our families a well. They help us maintain our self respect by honoring our loved ones. We need to pay care workers more respect and higher wages.

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