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The Population of Older Citizens is GROWING.

Communities must prepare housing and care providing Dignity, Respect and economy.

Business must understand the landscape and the clientele for their services.

Knowing a problem is coming is one thing. Knowing what to do about it is much better.

As author of MetLife Mature Marketing Institute’s visionary white paper, Aging in Place 2.0: Rethinking Solutions to the Home Care Challenege, Louis is prepared to help develop the vision needed to meet challenges and reap opportunities.

Tenenbaum, founder of The Aging in Place Institute, is a dynamic leader, readying audiences to roll up their sleeves and tackle the future.

When Louis Tenenbaum speaks, action results. Call NOW to begin planning before it is TOO late!

Watch Louis speaking to Aging in Place professionals:

Cayman Islands Healthcare Conference:

Louis on Health and Futures Radio show:

Here is an 87 second clip giving you the flavor of Louis’s consumer message:

SarahCare – Interview with Louis Tenenbaum:

Louis Tenenbaum on remodeling for aging in place:

Change Your Place to Age in Place:

Aging In Place:

Louis speaking at the Plough Foundation Aging initiative Speaker Series

Louis speaking at the Pittsburgh Post Gazette Health Forum

Age Without Borders, Virtual Summit

Topics include:

  • The business model for Aging in Place 2.0
  • Universal Design and Visitability
  • Retrofitting Homes for a Lifetime
  • Livable Communities- connections to Green & Sustainable
  • Boomer Marketing
  • Our responsibilities caring for our gift- older folks in our community.


  • Housing Providers
  • Consumers, Citizens, Advocates & Families
  • Community Leaders, Aging Network Professionals, Geriatric Care Managers,
  • Business, Entrepreneurs, Developers, Builders, Health Care Professionals
  • Contractors, remodelers, designers, occupational therapists

Louis speaks to housing providers. The model is not working as it used to. You only reach a small percentage of the available market. What resources and experience can you bring to the developing world of community services?

Louis speaks to builders, developers, designers, remodelers and housing officials. Though some design info is basically the same the approach to using that information varies:

  • new vs renovation
  • marketing homes vs marketing services to homeowners
  • value to the community, builder, buyer, homeowner

Louis speaks to community groups about the future they want, the partnerships and infrastructures they need to reach it and the incentives they should consider. This includes healthcare, health care providers, housing and home service agencies, transportation, and planning groups about responsibility and matching desires to goals and strategy.

Louis speaks to consumers...and they hear him. Louis issues a challenge…to apply themselves to the future they envision. Louis helps frame strategies for team support to move the ball forward. Action is the desired result!

Packages SAVE by arranging two, three or four presentations and forums around one visit. Share the expenses among civic groups, builders, home health and senior housing providers. Get the whole town motivated!

Select Presentations:

  • The Institute for Senior Living
  • University of Indianapolis Center for Aging and Community
  • Silvers Summit of the Consumer Electronics Show
  • Baltimore County  Human Relations Commission
  • National Association of the Remodeling Industry
  • National Kitchen and Bath Association
  • Urban Institute
  • Harvard Joint Center on Housing Studies
  • Home Improvement Research Institute
  • Burning Tree Village
  • Baltimore Grantmakers
  • Colvin Institute- University of Maryland
  • United Seniors of Maryland
  • Atlantic Seniors Housing Alliance
  • VGM
  • International Conference on Aging, Disability and Independence
  • Bnai Brith International
  • Maryland Department of Aging
  • National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association

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Read what others think of Louis’s serious and fun mix of content and style!


Thank you so much for your dynamic presentation and the energy and care you put into your visit and the conversation.”

Katie Midgley,   Program Associate,   Plough Foundation, Memphis, Tennessee


Thanks again for the wonderful work you did.  You are the only speaker I’ve seen who can get through that many slides in the allotted time and who can stick to the time constraints…and provide excellent content.  The member evaluations of your work were outstanding.  Here are the results: (one is low and five is high)
Content  4.5             Style  4.7            Discussion participation 4.5″

Trula M. LaCalle, Ph.D.
Executive Director
The Institute for Senior Living

“Louis is a captivating and dynamic speaker who communicates an innovative vision of healthcare-in-the-home that could well provide the blueprint for how our nation manages its 75 million baby boomers as they age over the next 30 years.”
Dan Henderson | BeClose
SVP Business Development and Strategy

“Hi Louis— Thank you so much for today—you were so gracious to take time out of your schedule to visit and share— much appreciated!!!.  The students really enjoyed and learned from your presentation.  I would like to continue to involve the students in Universal Design and Aging in Place—so if you have a need for an intern—please let me know.
See you in September!”
Rebecca Hubler, instructor -graduate program in interior design,          Corcoran School of Art, Washington, DC.


Thanks so much for participating in our event on Friday. Your talk was a
HUGE hit. People were still talking about it hours later. You are a terrific
speaker and your passion for the subject certainly comes through loud and
clear. And, thankfully, the technology worked pretty well, for the most
part. It was just like you were in the room!

Thanks so much! And, count me in as a supporter for your Institute. You have
a big job ahead of you.

Susan Estrada
Happy@Home â„¢ – High Tech for Boomers and Beyond
Aldea Communications

“Dear Louis,

Thank you very much for another excellent presentation. Your talent for motivating people to step out of their comfort zones lead to a great exchange of new ideas and perspectives. Inside, Outside, All Around the Town was a highlight of CAC’s 10th anniversary and we truly appreciate all your work to make it a success.”

Ellen W. Miller, PhD
Executive Director
University of Indianapolis – Center for Aging & Community

“Dear Louis,

         I wanted to send you a note to share how much I enjoyed collaborating with you on the “Inside, Outside, All Around the Town” workshop. I thought your insight on these aging issues was really refreshing and I was glad to be given the chance to share our work with each other.

        On the drive home after the event (while I had time to process) it hit me just how well I think our differing perspectives fit together (macro vs. micro). Hopefully we can have a chance to further this message in future collaborations.

Stay in touch.”

Zachary Benedict, AIA, LEED AP, Partner

Morrison Kattman Menze Inc



        I thought your presentations were excellent. I don’t think you could have done better with a “formal” presentation. People completely understand where you are and where you are coming from. I think you need to continue to motivate us to take the needed steps NOW to get our own homes in order. 

          As you know I am a very big fan of yours and would like to help you get your ideas out to  broad audience.  Have you ever tried to do an article for the AARP Bulletin?  I think it could really jump start what we are trying to accomplish.”

John E, Columbia, Md. Senior Advisory Council



Be assured Paul and I will keep you in the loop. I’m sure Paul will confirm.

I will present brief testimony next week on the Howard County 2030 Plan advocating for some sort of incentive for home modifications-and a proactive home assessment (aging in place ) plan for older adults in Howard County. will send you a copy.

As I indicated, I also accept your challenge on the home modification. I live in the typical three story  Columbia townhouse.
I am embarrassed to  tell you that had my third floor bathroom remodeled in 2009 -and it does not have grab bars. But as I mentioned ,we  plan to remodel our kitchen next year.  I d like you to work up a plan for the kitchen and  also to do a complete assessment of the home re: aging in place. Deal? I should mention that my wife has a visual impairment ( form of macular degeneration – Stargardts disease). We also have a “mother in law” basement with a kitchen!

Let’s stay in touch.”

Rusty T., past chair Columbia Md, Senior Advisory Council



        I really enjoyed the discussion we had.  The SAC is currently working on a work agenda for this year (May 2012 -april 2013)  As usual what I see with my committee is that 20% of the folks do most of the work.  This is compounded by the fact that some are disabled and have difficulty or do not drive.  Having said that, we did discuss your challenge after you left.  Namely what retrofits work for the different types of housing in columbia.  I think that this will be an item that we work on.

          I, like Rusty, will be making changes to my home – a raised ranch.  Usual problem with many stairs to get to the house and inside the house.

          The Columbia Association has put together a Senior Working Group to enhance the quality of life for Aging in Place in Columbia.  I want to get on the table what you suggested, an architects competition for prototype changes for differing housing types  with a cash prize for the best.  this is something HoCo needs and CA needs since we have onerous architectural requirements for exterior modifications.  Housing is no 2 on my list after transportation to make AIP feassible.

BTW, my background is a degreed Civil Engineer who worked as a Project Manager for US Homes.  I designed an energy efficient addition to my home in 1979 that was subsequently built.  I also speced and contracted out a solar PV rooftop electric system in 2010 that has zeroed out my electric bill for the past 2 years.  I produce about 1,000 excess Kwh annually which will be used to power an all electric car soon .”

Paul V, chair, Columbia, Md. Senior Advisory Council


“Louis Tenenbaum leaves his audience wanting to hear much more! That was the consensus opinion when Mr. Tenenbaum spoke recently at the Baltimore County Human Relations Commission’s 2012 Fair Housing Conference in Dundalk, Maryland. At a time when retirement at one of the active senior communities is becoming less affordable, Louis Tenenbaum presents affordable, practical and achievable options for seniors and their families about how to modify homes to increase their usefulness and livability. These options enable seniors to live longer in a place already familiar to them, their own homes. His message was well received by seniors and adult children who are helping a parent make realistic decisions about future living arrangements.  Mr. Tenenbaum’s remarks are equally meaningful to younger disabled adults with families that include children. Such families require a living space that is pleasant, convenient and comfortable for all family members, yet compatible with the needs of the disabled family member.”

 Linda Dorsey-Walker, MBA

Community Relations Coordinator
Baltimore County Human Relations Commission


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