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Individual and Collective action

by Louis on June 11, 2009

I was part of a recent discussion led by Matt Wald, energy and environment correspondent for the New York Times. Matt pointed out that individual and collective action are both parts of the solution for global warming and sustainability. We can conserve energy in our homes, and make purchases to lower our impact. We can change the grid, our sources of fuel and the related subsidies.

Aging in Place has similar opportunities for individuals and the collective. Individuals can modify our homes, increase our exercise and watch our diet and prepare our financial picture. The country can change the way healthcare and in home assistance are provided and paid for.

Both levels have impact, both require commitment. Once we own up to the problems and agree to work toward a solution we will want to work on both levels. We see it now with sustainability, energy, etc. We have finally acknowledged the problem. Now, collectively and individually, we want to do something about it.

When will we see it with housing and care? What will tip us over from a noodling, inkling but quiet worry to outright concern and then stepping up to the plate?

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