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Cast YOUR Vote for age-friendly home incentives

by Louis on February 15, 2016

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You know we need more age friendly homes. I’m taking the first step to put tax incentives for age-friendly home improvements in front of the presidential candidates with my new organization, We already have incentives for solar collectors and hybrid cars – the next step is incentives for Aging in Place. I’ve done all the groundwork.

NOW I need Your help!

If you agree that all Americans should age with choice, control and dignity, please take the following steps. (It will only take one minute)

1. Click here to vote on the change site. BEFORE Thursday! Click the “Upvote” button after you sign in.
The more people vote for our question the better so…
2. Forward this blog to 5 people (or more) who care about this issue.
3. Add/update your name and email on the Homes site so we can stay in touch.  This is just the first step. More to come.

We care. We vote.
Our numbers are POWER.

Make our voices heard!
Do it NOW!

THANK YOU!!!  Sincerely,  Louis Tenenbaum

P.S.- Did you see that time is short? Vote Right NOW!

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