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Aging2.0 – DC event (& much more)

by Louis on June 5, 2014

Exciting. That is what people say about Aging2.0 events. There is an event next week in DC. (Sign up here)

I went to last month’s Aging2PINT0 event. There was buzz. Some of the usual suspects but also new faces from business, consulting, government, academia and not for profits – relieved to find folks who share their passion…… serving the growing population of older citizens well. Carrie Gladstone, the local Aging2.0 ambassador and Judit Iles are examples of the excited/exciting folks you can meet if you join us next week!

Starting with events, Aging 2.0 is is a global network of innovators working in the 50+ market. It also does consulting, publications, a darned good newsletter (CoverAge)  a recent GLOBAL Innovation Summit and now a GENerator, Like any good startup Aging 2.0 morphs as it grows.

I have known Katy Fike and Stephen Johnston  for a few years. Both were hanging around the aging space, consulting, listening……like so many of us…..circling…..ready to pounce on the market we know is coming. Both had energy and vision. They found each other and the result is……exciting! I am not sure they knew where it was going but they did the E thing and dove in. Looks like success from my perspective.

The GENerator has a great description: …..promising entrepreneurs working to enhance the lives of older adults and improve long term care. There is an impressive list of supporters and expert mentors to help GENerator enrollees move forward.

Like many things that work on buzz, the more the merrier and better!

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