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Aging in Place, ;-(, two steps backward?!

by Louis on July 27, 2010

This week’s New York Times article, Cuts in Home Care Put Elderly and Disabled at Risk, makes it all too clear that policy makers do not yet understand that well managed care in individual homes saves money.

How do we make the point? (1) Strength in numbers. (2) A complete package.

Those providing in home services must see themselves as one industry, not myopically focused single service providers. Seat belt suppliers see themselves as cogs in the auto industry. Nursing schools see themselves as components of health care. Plumbing manufactures see themselves as the building industry. They all know there is no success without their partners.

Who are the Aging in Place Industry partners?

  • meals on wheels
  • reverse mortgage lenders
  • adult day care providers
  • home health agencies
  • remodelers/designers/building materials
  • technology/home monitoring/tele-health
  • durable/home medical equipment
  • discharge planners
  • family
  • clergy
  • OT/PT
  • medicare
  • medicaid
  • Long Term Care insurers
  • Trust officers
  • home cleaning and maintenance companies

Have I forgotten some? Yes, I am sure I have.

Folks, this is our industry. We have to start acting and talking that way to see results.

Then we can start to see increases in the efficient and effective way to use health care dollars (and growth of our businesses) rather than cuts that push us to waste and steal dignity from those we want to serve.

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