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Aging in Place, on Retirement TV

by Louis on October 7, 2010

I was a guest for a segment of Retirement Living TV‘s Taking Care Tuesday. They taped a bunch of segments with show host Joan Lunden. What a professional! She doesn’t miss a beat. What a pleasure. Who says work is not fun?

The amazing opportunity I got from being involved was meeting and hanging with all the guests. Fascinating folks from every angle of the issue. All passionate, caring, respectful, interested and interesting.

Here is the crowd:

Sherri Snelling from Caregiving Club

Julie Winokur from Talking Eyes Media

Jamie Huysman an expert on caregiver burnout and fatigue as well as addiction issues.

Sherry Parrish from Erickson Living

Elinor Ginzler from AARP

Katie Kuehn from Johns Hopkins and Sandy Markwood from National Association of Area Agencies on Aging left before I arrived.

Dr.Alexis Abramson, the gero-media guru.

Dr Alexis and I shared the interview couch to talk with Joan about Home Mods and Universal Design for Aging in Place. It got to be a rolling conversation, not quite banter, but back and forth almost finishing each other’s sentences. Fun. Though it was a little prepared and staged, the conversation started naturally enough from Joan’s concerns for her in laws before the cameras started to roll. They want to stay. She fears the house is not appropriate.

That is how it went all afternoon. Though not assembled as a group, we were not exactly a random sample. Everyone’s expertise was some facet of housing and care, and the conversation flowed well. The green room would have made a great brainstorming roundtable like Life (Part 2). But it was not that special. Similar conversations are happening everywhere. If you are not an expert in this area then you have experience from family. No one is out of this loop.

Not quite Aging in Place 2.0, but a great airing of the issues nonetheless. Look for the shows in November on your local RLTV channel.

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