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Aging in Place Monopoly

by Louis on February 7, 2011

*Fail to install grab bars, fall results in broken hip – pay $29,000 medical costs.

*Monitoring system prompts use of electrolyte supplement following flu, avoiding dehydration and subsequent hospitalization- save $3000.00.

*Apply one third of savings to neighborhood bus trip to comedy show.

*Laughter helps. New friendships emerge. A small group arranges followup weekend outing. Depression lifted. Reduce psycho medication use. Saves $3.00/daily for 3 members of the group.

Though Aging in Place is not a game, these moves show examples of causes, effects, impacts. Everyone is an individual. Their desires are different. Their health is different. Their personal, financial and family resources are different.  Their homes are different.
Complex, yeah! Impossible? Not at all.
How do we get from here to there?
Maybe we should ask some (young) game designers. They play with this sort of complexity all the time.

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