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Aging in Place 2.0 – Consumer Point of View

by Louis on November 17, 2011

Trust my dear friend and inspiring colleague Jason Popko of Good Design Age Well and Bosch Healthcare to ask me the right question to ponder so I can write a good answer here.

Jason asked “What does AiP2.0 looks like from the client’s perspective?” What is my personal vision of what it will be like to age in place if AiP2.0 develops? Of course once you hear this question you know it is exactly the right one.

My answer harkens back to my time as a remodeling contractor. The experience I tried to deliver to my clients was a smooth facade over a great deal of stuff that could easily have been chaotic. I hope my clients saw one point of concerned contact and billing that got them just what they wanted and needed.

A good general contractor is a master orchestrator. The client describes what they want, pays the bills and enjoys the transformation. The contractor sees to design and specifications that meets the client’s desires, the permitting, inspections, and fees, orders special and less common materials, coordinates sub contractors and the scheduling of these parts to present a smooth and flowing project.

Similarly an Aging in Place 2.0 client should have just what they want, tuned to their personal preferences. They should not know what the best choices cost because by being best they are determined to be most cost effective so they are included in the care plan. This does not mean everyone gets what they want. You don’t get stuff you want but cannot afford. You do get the right tools, resources, interventions and services to keep you healthy and dignified in the home you choose.

I know this is much easier to write then deliver….but with the coming demographics— more older people, older old people and fewer caregivers and payers…what choice do we have? see Embrace the Complexity


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