Aging in Community at American Society on Aging

by Louis on March 20, 2015

I attended the very first Aging in Place ‘track’ at the American Society on Aging annual conference more than 20 years ago. There were four or five sessions in the track. The same six of us trooped together from session to session…that was all there was and we were all there was too. This year there are 9 Aging in Community tracks.

My session this year, Marketing Aging in Place in the Entertainment Age is a panel organized by my wonderful and interesting colleague Dr. Patrick Roden of We have presented together before. I look forward to it because I always learn something new from Patrick…and appreciate it. We complement each other well.  This year we also have Roseanna Fay,  a writer speaker and consultant exploring the new dynamics of aging joining us. It promises to be a thoughtful, lively and encouraging session.

I will be speaking about the Aging in Place Institute’s pursuit of policies to increase the sale of more great products for home modification, electronic connecting and tools and equipment useful for aging in place. Incentivizing these purchases, getting them into into the hands and homes of more consumers means more of us are prepared to save money, save health care and maintain the dignity and control we want and deserve. We will revitalize our nation’s housing stock. Win-win-win! Our incentive campaigns encourage community discussion of these issues (see: race discussion raised Starbucks/Howard Schultz).

Get in touch for more info, to offer your thoughts, help and support.

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