About Louis Tenenbaum

louis tenenbaum Louis Tenenbaum

Louis Tenenbaum had no idea that a 1988 remodeling project helping a young paraplegic be independent in the bathroom would chart the direction of his life and career. When he focused his remodeling company on aging in place in the early 90’s he was surprised that in home supports are not delivered through an organized system, pushing him to study aging, housing and care systems, transportation and long term care and health costs. He never imagined hearing Betty Friedan talk about her 1993 book The Fountain of Age would invigorate him with the politics of aging.

Lessons like those, coupled with 20 years experience working with families and individuals, designers and developers, geriatric care managers, occupational therapists, product manufacturers, community leaders and advocates informed his white paper,  Aging in Place 2.0: Rethinking Solutions to the Home Care Challenge published by the MetLife Mature Marketing Institute.

Tenenbaum’s practical vision is vital communities whose commitment to dignity and respect for older citizens results in healthy local economies. Louis’s cross-disciplinary experience lead him to embrace a systems approach to community services development. Through coordination and partnership among in-home providers, health systems, government, not for profits, technology and business the related goals of healthy, happy citizens in the homes of their choice, robust communities and strong business environments are reached.

Now Tenenbaum, founder of HomesRenewed, a coalition of business, consumers and not for profit stakeholders driving policy and investment to increase the number of age-friendly homes, is one of the nation’s leading authority on aging in place- the idea that our homes are the most desirable and economical place for housing and care. Tenenbaum is an enthusiastic speaker whose passion is evident and contagious. He works with communities, not for profits, business and foundations as well as families and individuals on home and community design, innovative business models for aging in place, marketing to older consumers and better ways to educate and motivate consumers and communities to act responsibly on their own behalf.

Louis, who has two young adult children, lives in the Washington, DC suburbs. He is a biker, white water kayaker, skier and has practiced yoga for more than 30 years. Louis enjoys many giving and spiritual communities. He loves the irony of waking up stiff and sore every morning while feeling vibrant every day.