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But do they know the territory?

December 8, 2014
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I was entranced by The Music Man as a kid. The story is great. The music is wonderful. I love the opening scene with the ‘clickety clackety’ of salesmen rhythmically complaining about a guy who “doesn’t know the territory”. I was reminded of it the other day talking to two entrepreneurs at an Aging 2pint0… Continue Reading But do they know the territory?

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Silvers Summit- The Chats

January 22, 2012
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Reflecting on the conversations I had at the Silvers Summit I realize I had the same three conversations quite a few times. These are not new points, the topics are review for folks I converse with all the time. (I may even have written about them in this space) I am going to share the… Continue Reading Silvers Summit- The Chats

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#1 Mature Marketing/Boomers

January 12, 2009

As the huge boomer cohort gets older, products, marketing and media should adjust focus to the concerns and issues of a more mature audience. To start this topic I call attention to what I call the “the consistent paradox”. It is the gray area between older, aging consumers and boomers. A conversation, presentation or article… Continue Reading #1 Mature Marketing/Boomers

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Maslow and older consumers

October 4, 2007

Yesterday was very exciting. Beautiful weather, tomatoes, cucumber and basil from my garden for lunch. AND my friend Marc Gunther’s blog. Marc’s blog introduced me to Chip Conley, a successful out of the box hotelier from California. Marc writes about Chip’s new book, Peak, but also about how Chip uses Maslow’s hierarchies. Chip attributes his… Continue Reading Maslow and older consumers

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