April 2013

Remodeling Article on ‘Next Avenue’

April 17, 2013
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I hope you will agree “Why You Should Remodel to ‘Age in Place’ Now“ on PBS’s Next Avenue Website takes a different tack. I look forward to your comments on their website and mine. Thanks to editor Suzanne Gerber with whom I enjoyed working on the article and to Next Avenue President Judy Diaz for  making… Continue Reading Remodeling Article on ‘Next Avenue’

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ASA 2013 Can Aging Get Out of the Box?

April 2, 2013
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I always enjoy the American Society on Aging conference. Everyone is focused and passionate. People care about their work and their clients. The dedication is not so clear at all conferences. The big buzz this year? Probably just how fast the accountable care act is going to change health care. Most bureaucratic entities are slow… Continue Reading ASA 2013 Can Aging Get Out of the Box?

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