April 2011

Opt Out to a Better Home

April 12, 2011
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Symphony Park at Strathmore is a new townhome community going up near my home.  An article in Bethesda Magazine brought it to my attention. Symphony Park shares a campus with Strathmore, a wonderful arts and music center. Residents even get priority ticket sales!! It is located adjacent to a metro (subway) station. Just up the […]

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Home Modifications for Aging in Place-Risk & Return

April 8, 2011
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In light of recent statistics – a Harris Interactive poll,  stories in the Washington Post and elsewhere reporting how few Americans have significant savings and how many have essentially none at all, (though I am not sure we should be surprised…)

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New School

April 1, 2011

They are rebuilding the schools in my area, Montgomery County, Md. They tear them down and start over fresh. These are suburban schools, not real old buildings. The catchment areas are not larger, yet they take these radical steps. The buildings are more energy efficient but that is not the impetus. They redo them because […]

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