63 is the new 40.5?

September 17, 2007

The Washington Post has been blitzing our issue. They started last week with a special section called 50+. Two articles Sunday and a companion today fall under the banner “Coming of Age Graying in the Suburbs.” These articles are pretty good reporting about the nature and scale of the problem today and impressions about the… Continue Reading 63 is the new 40.5?

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What is Social Marketing? #2

September 11, 2007

I find myself telling people that TIVO is better than television. I watch without commercials. It saves time. I don’t get so grumpy from seeing the same ads over and over. Do you wonder why advertisers pay good money to have the same ad repeated over and over? The answer is quite clear. The executives… Continue Reading What is Social Marketing? #2

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Gail Sheehy writes about Caregiving in Parade Magazine

September 10, 2007

Gail Sheehy does a great job highlighting caregiving issues in yesterday’s Parade Magazine. She cites important information about who is a caregiver, the value of caregiving, the cost to income and the cost to well being. The title of the article asks what we can do. I will add some answers to her good article.… Continue Reading Gail Sheehy writes about Caregiving in Parade Magazine

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What is Social Marketing? #1

September 6, 2007

I attended a seminar at the UD21 Conference (Universal Design in the 21st Century) in Providence in 2000 lead by a university professor from Singapore. He had years of experience running programs to help students grow their awareness of life with disabilities. I was surprised when he said he was frustrated with his work. For… Continue Reading What is Social Marketing? #1

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Home Modifications & Building Codes

September 5, 2007

Some things come up over and over. One issue I see too often is tension between those trying to make homes accessible and building code officials. There are really no special guidelines that cover residential access. Too often plan review or construction inspection officials see things about which they are unsure and resort to codes… Continue Reading Home Modifications & Building Codes

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Independent Living Strategy

August 24, 2007

My foundation skill, developed over the past 19 years, is helping families and individuals make over their homes to better match their personal abilities and conditions, enabling them to live in their homes more easily. When I started down this path the idea seemed so good and obvious, especially in view of the booming senior… Continue Reading Independent Living Strategy

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Namaste: Yoga and Aging

August 22, 2007

I have been enjoying the same yoga teacher, John Schumacher of Unity Woods in Bethesda, for more than 25 years. It is always good to have other teachers, I learn plenty from occasional substitutes and in makeup classes. Yet, John and I have grown quite a bit together. He is my teacher but also a… Continue Reading Namaste: Yoga and Aging

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Builders, Developers and Universal Design #1

August 21, 2007

Builders use market studies to define the expected buyers for their products. There is good reason. Product development takes time and costs money. Building is expensive. The risks are high. Anyone investing time, money, effort and reputation on a product that takes so long from conception to market needs to feel secure that a buyer… Continue Reading Builders, Developers and Universal Design #1

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New York Times article on Aging in Place

August 16, 2007

The August 14, 2007 News York Times front page story on village communities for older residents is a strong indicator that Aging in Place is becoming current. It is also a good opportunity for me to start this blog I have been planning for the past few months. Why is Aging in Place so important?… Continue Reading New York Times article on Aging in Place

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