October 2007

Other Ways to Fill the Gap

October 26, 2007

I don’t want to give the impression I think homemods are the whole enchilada when it comes to Filling the Gap for Aging in Place. Home Modifications are one element of a multifaceted strategy. Tools, high tech and services fill out the mix. Tools are a way to think of an expanded category of products… Continue Reading Other Ways to Fill the Gap

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Home Modifications add Value as they Fill the Gap

October 25, 2007

My dad retired at age 55 in 1975. He sold his business with a 17 year payout. He told me his plans saying, “I’ll have money until your mother and I are 72. Who lives past 72?” I remember the conversation clearly. I didn’t argue. Just thirty two years ago my father and I both… Continue Reading Home Modifications add Value as they Fill the Gap

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USA Today: Gloom and Doom

October 11, 2007

Tuesday’s USA Today had a front page gloom and doom story about federal programs for older Americans. Kathleen Casey-Kirschling, widely recognized as the first baby boomer, turned sixty two and took the early option for social security. The story spells out the financial disaster facing federal programs designed to provide for older Americans. It is… Continue Reading USA Today: Gloom and Doom

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Maslow and older consumers

October 4, 2007

Yesterday was very exciting. Beautiful weather, tomatoes, cucumber and basil from my garden for lunch. AND my friend Marc Gunther’s blog. Marc’s blog introduced me to Chip Conley, a successful out of the box hotelier from California. Marc writes about Chip’s new book, Peak, but also about how Chip uses Maslow’s hierarchies. Chip attributes his… Continue Reading Maslow and older consumers

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